Week 22A ~ I Have My Own Approval!

Here we are, back from a break week, and we (are) suppose to continue to make an effort at disconnecting from,… well most of the things you find yourself helplessly, half-consciously, staring at or trolling thru, such as Social Media, TV, radio, etc…  I haven’t spent a full day successfully doing this, but I found that I normally spent several hours doing this most days without even thinking about it.  Really!  I don’t typically watch TV, and although I am a true FB’er I have many days that I only get on before bedtime and then, I admit, I find myself lost in the realm of the World Wide Web.  Yes, it goes from one thought to; “Oh what’s this, get rid of crepey skin?” CLICK!   hum,  “Oh no She Didn’t!”  CLICK!  “Oh yeah I wrote that down on my hand, to Google” CLICK!  You know the drill… Don’t lie!  I look up at the clock and it’s 2am!!

Yes, I get it!  I see the importance of breaking the BONDAGE” of the Almighty Social Media Disease.  It’s Freaking ridiculous!  I Agree!  So,  A Day can sure go by... I have sincere plans to do this…. Don’t roll your eyes.  I will do this.




This week was to learn to be more Self Directed.

“Today I will be Master of my Emotions.”  Is this really possible?

Have Faith!

“All Nature is a circle of moods, and I am part of nature and so, like the tides, my moods, will rise, my moods will fall.”   Yep, this is me.  I do have some random moods at times, but my control of my moods has improved like night and day in the past few years, and more so in the past few months.  I do although give my self approval to embrace my moods if they are truly valid.  But I don’t give myself permission to make anyone around me, uncomfortable if I am having a nose dive for a few minutes.  This is when I will excuse myself, and allow myself to feel what exactly is going on, and I experience it.  I deal with it, or make plans to address it at a more private time.  This was never the case before,  It was to deal with it now, and I didn’t really care (at the moment) who was in my presence, it got addressed right then and there, usually followed by apologies, either from me, or damn straight from whom I challenged.  I still have opinions, I just don’t usually find it to be important enough to be “Right” anymore.

So I am already Mastering my emotions, and  I’m happy for this, as I’m just getting to old to be confrontational, or fighting about who is right or wrong.  Personally, I don’t give a S%*# anymore.

I found this Lesson 22A;  to be harder to understanding what I just read at first, but it’s becoming a bit more clear,  I have been having a harder time retaining the things I read,  I’ve discussed this with my guide, and I will just continue to read my daily reads and usually It comes together at some point.

“When I Master my Moods, I control my Destiny.

I like that!

I know my self worth.  I feel Magnificent!  I don’t allow anyone to make me feel less than Amazing… not even myself!

Today I AM Master of my Emotions!


Always with much Aloha





18 thoughts on “Week 22A ~ I Have My Own Approval!

  1. mommamccracken

    Yes moods are a realy challenge, although as you say they are getting less intense. I wonder if others, like myself are feeling that as the course comes to an end, so does my drive to succeed. One minute I am sure of fulfilling my dmp and the next, just tired and wanting everything faster. I guess I should have read the emotion chapter 3 times a day like I did at the start, but I have now added in ‘Think and Grow Rich” with the go90grow course.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Terrence G Neraasen

    I’ve never been prone to highs or lows emotionally, but I do love the exercises to start your day as described by Og. In particular I like his solution to feeling overly powerful (try to stop the wind) or overly skillful (look at the stars). To be humble is to be secure and powerful. Thanks for your thoughtful post.


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