Week 24 ~ The Meaning of Life….

meaning of life Starfish

This week we Graduate from one of the most intense classes I have ever signed up for! Graduate! i-did-it

But the Finish Line is really only the beginning of the promise of a Better, more fulfilling life ahead!

For the past 6 Months, we have been encouraged to become the best person we can be.  We have committed to do the work, and “Work” it was!  Nothing comes for free, and I’m not speaking of money here.  In fact the cost of the course, was a Scholarship given in advance from the previous class of Students, to those who promise to do the work and have faith in the process. The Miracle I started  I promised and I have gained more in this past 6 months than any so called “self-Help” course, or Book has ever shown me.  The Master Key Mastermind Experience was everything it promised, and “easy” wasn’t one of them.  There were times when I thought it was so much to get done, and yet, I did it, and I couldn’t be happier, that I did!   My Husband, said to me today, He was so proud of me, and the changes in me are amazing!  This from a man we needs proof on everything BEFORE doing anything!  He encouraged me daily the moment he saw big changes in my attitude.

I came out on the other end, believing I was one of Nature’s Greatest Miracles!i-am-whole-perfect-strong-powerful-loving-harmonious-and-happy2

It’s so much about Thoughts.

I can’t believe how much my Thoughts were poisoning me, and affecting my Spirit within.

In the process, I found out, the things I wanted, My Bliss, My Dharma, WERE important, and I deserved to have them and I needed to give myself Permission to be Happy!

What?  It’s OK to get the best things out of life?

Hell Yes it is!! In fact, That is exactly what the Universe, God, The Higher Power, wants for us!

Never sell yourself short, you are worth Everything!  You just need to know how, and that You must ask for it!

Your Thoughts are Huge, and Thinking is necessary…

Powerful Thoughts

So why not keep the thoughts positive and nurturing. It takes the same amount of energy to think good thoughts, as it does to think negative thoughts!   I realize now, how much I thought of things that really weren’t a part of my “Circus”!

OK so What is your gift?  I’m so happy to have found mine, and I will continue to learn so much more everyday, from here on.  I’m open to so much more that life has to offer, and my bags are packed!

Many years ago My Hubster and I planned to retire to our Favorite place on Earth.  I already knew so much about the ways of the Islanders,  My Daughter is half “Poly” and all my Grandchildren and My Great Granddaughter are all Pacific Islanders.  Warning: A little bragging here: My oldest Granddaughter is dancing in Merrie Monarch Next week!!!!….Emma 2.

Any who, back to Island life.  I have always believed “God” is Love.   So,  I had that very Quote tattooed on my back. In Hawaiian.IMG_0434

My Point, you ask?

Love is a gift… Kindness is a gift… giving is a gift… Patience is a gift… really the list is long, and the gifts are real!

Take some time tomorrow to find your gift(s).

Trust me, you can never, give more than you’ll get in return.

 “Give More, Get More”

Mahalo to all who have read my Blog, and to all those who shared so much in their’s.  It’s been a  crazy wild journey, but How could it be any different?   It’s the Heroes Journey, and we are all Heros! A force to be reckoned with to be sure!

As Always with Much Aloha!



9 thoughts on “Week 24 ~ The Meaning of Life….

  1. Lorelei Sunshine

    Aloha SherryB it has been an AWEsome Journey YOUR Hero’s Journey and I know that you are on it and wont get off till the ‘Fat Lady Sings!” I have LOVED every one of your posts and hope you continue keeping your blog going as a journal for your journey so I can ride along and cheer you from the sidelines LOVE you to the Stars and Back my friend xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. mommamccracken

    Marvelous post to wrap up the journey – glad I was part of the ride. Congrats to your wonderful family and to your husband for supporting you. I was fortunate my husband often reminded me of webinars and to do my homework. Too lucky gals – wondering what is in store for us and all!! mahalo Sherry

    Liked by 1 person


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