Week 21 ~Choices are Consequences!

I Still Choose Miracles!

Never Stop believing in Miracles


Today was probably not the best day to sit and post on my Blog, but here it is;

I need to learn to Think BIG!  It’s a process of “Thought Training.”

I find it best in the Silence.  It’s there I keep learning, by accessing my infinite Power, while making room for the person I’ve already intended to be.

This week has been a week where I keep getting in my own way.  I know what I want… I know what it takes… I have the tools.

My mind is tired… I don’t want to think right now. Yes that’s giving in to the Old Blueprint.  But I’m tired, no, I’m exhausted, Mentally exhausted.

Tomorrow I will work on this.

Always with Aloha



10 thoughts on “Week 21 ~Choices are Consequences!

  1. MKMMAwendyht

    Aloha Sherry. I would love to gift you a session via skype, to help give you the energy to keep going. You’re so close to the end of the programme and I know what it’s like when you’ve just lost one of your non-verbal family members and are feeling exhausted on top of that. If you would like to do this, please email me at wendy.rmt.bg@gmail.com and we can set up a time to chat. Yours in Gratitude, Light & Love, Peace & Joy. Wendyht

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