Week 20 ~ The Power of Thought

I Am because, He Is! … If He is Omnipresent, He must be in Me!

How do we become conscience of power?   By Thinking

I’m honing my power of Thought!

Surreal-Home Joel-Rea-fp

This week was incredibly surreal, and very hazy.

A bit of Fact & Fantasy.

I’m recovering from a  “Slam in the wall” event, and I’m actually doing better than I thought a week ago.  It took a lot of descending to a place inside my head, while trying to silence the chatter of the week gone by.  My spirit is a bit broken, but my Soul is Whole!

Today; I give Blessings to everything.  I am at peace right now, and I’m surprised at how quickly I got here!  Given enough time to think of the hurt, I will be right back down there again.  But staying aware of all the Miracles around me, I am healing myself faster than I ever have in cases of Heart wrenching loss.

Working on the World withIN is a life-long full-time job… But the Pay is Phenomenal!

Always with Much Aloha🌺💕



12 thoughts on “Week 20 ~ The Power of Thought

  1. MKMMAwendyht

    Aloha Sherry – Oh, it’s wonderful to read your blog post today! I’m sooo happy to see you bouncing back quicker than you’d imagined possible. Huge Hugs!! I’m still sending you lots of love and positive energy for you and your family. Yours in Gratitude, Light & Love, Peace & Joy wendyht

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