Week 17 ~ Well,….Organized.

get your shit togetherThis 3rd week on the Franklin Makeover, has been all about Well Organized.

This I’m not.

I’ve craved to be, for more years than I remember.  I’ve had several Friends try to help me, with non lasting effects.  It’s been my top of the Desire list.

If you were to peek into my Office…look of fear (cat)


So this week has been, um, well, interesting!  I have been at home for several days and making a pretty good dent in some chaos. Purging (11) big black trash bags of clothes.  Shredding a ton of paperwork in my file cabinet.

MessyDesk I Love how it feels afterward, when I’ve purged for days!  I really do!  It’s just I have too much stuff!   So here it is, Day 5 on my challenge to act on, or observe “Well Organized”  things.  It’s an ongoing thing with me, that I have made huge improvements since I brought over (2) 25 ft. Containers to Kauai almost 4 years ago.  Can You believe I still have (1) more container on my Mainland property to still bring over.  Long story short, the one that’s still sitting there in San Diego, was supposed to be the first one sent.  I know, I know, who needs that much stuff!  I’m an Artist so I have a boatload of supplies for my Art Studio, it cannot remain there, I will get it here, but not until, I settle with all the stuff already here.  I’ve been a (happily) busy girlie and it’s looking great!  I donated 8 bags of clothes and bunches of other things.  I have so much more to go, but have decided to have a yard sale.  Then donate the remainder.  hoping to make some money to ship my final container this year!  LOL! she started living the life she imagined

I do covet homes that look like a magazine,  but I Love my comfy “Put your Feet Up” home

I Promise, this is the year I will be rid of all un-needed stuff!

And I always keep my Promises!


Always with much Aloha🌺💕



16 thoughts on “Week 17 ~ Well,….Organized.

  1. MKMMAwendyht

    Aloha Sherry, Brava for such a great start on being “well organized” – we sound rather alike 😉 In addition to teaching harp and singing, and teaching educational and specialized kinesiology classes/seeing clients, I’m also a spinner, weaver and knitter of knitted lace ;-)))) Spinners and weavers and knitters have a whole stash of fibre – aaaagh! I’ve kinda put my fibre arts on hold until I’m through this 6 months stint of MKMMA. Mahalo for sharing. And if you ever want to have an alliance on the “well organized” thing, I’d be happy to partner with you. Yours in Gratitude, Light & Love wendyht

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    1. Master Key Sherry Post author

      Mahalo Wendy! I love yarns & fibers! I only know how to crochet, and yet have only Made hats, shawls, & blankies😁 I’m always open to learn new things, and advice on organization, any tim. Are you planning on coming to Kauai for MKMMA Live? Would love to meet you🌺💕


  2. mommamccracken

    Oh yes, the problem of too much stuff around and I am always keeping things to use as crafts especially for a lad I do inschool mentoring for – and my husband wants to keep so many things for sentimental reasons.

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  3. masterkeycskjerpen

    Great Blog, Sherry, I know the overwhelming feeling of having stuff that you don’t need,Stuff that you need but isn’t organized, and the mountain to climb to get it done. I’ve been there. The thing that worked for me is breaking it into sections and take it one section at a time. Getting cabinets or drawers for your art supplies. Bring everything you have to where you are will make you feel great and not scattered in a million places. You are a star that shines bright in a lot of peoples eyes . I HOPE YOU SEE THAT. You are Rocking this and getting it finished. Have a wonderful week.

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  4. Lorelei Sunshine

    Aloha Sherry YaY You have been a busy wee beaver this week and I have seen the results spaces where there weren’t any before and now another big object is out of your studio and I am Grateful for that 🙂 I am so proud of your for “keeping Your Promises” 🙂

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  5. suzannemasterkey

    Mahalo for sharing, Sherry. I listened to Carolyn Myss recently speak about shedding. Shedding is letting go of things we acquired but no longer serve a purpose. Out with the old and in with the new, even if the new is more spaciousness!



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