Week 16 ~ Observing Kindness


This week has been a good week on so many levels. I have loved being an Observer of good stuff!  Kindness is and can be shown in infinite ways. The best part, it’s FREE!  So there’s absolutely no excuse to not execute kindness in everything you do!

I have always prided myself to be a giving person.  I know I have more things than I need.  but that’s just a part of the giving effect. image To be kind is a whole other ball game. It’s been heartwarming watching others, and has restored my feelings about people in general.  One thing I have personally seen… kindness can have a ricochet effect.  I can do something in kindness, and I’ll bet dollars to donuts, most of those people who were shown kindness, will repeat the gestures to someone else that same Day!


It’s no secret, with people who know me, My unconditional Love for animals.  I’ve always known; all they want is Love and kindness. image

Well, humans are really no different.  We basically want the same things.

If everyone would be more mindful, of others, all the time,  could you imagine the Love-fest we would live in!

In the words of Ellen Degeneres, “Be Kind to One Another”

Today i say; Kindness begins with me….

and a few words from my soapbox.


Always with much Aloha🌺💕




21 thoughts on “Week 16 ~ Observing Kindness

  1. MKMMAwendyht

    Aloha Sherry, Mahalo for your beautiful blog. You know, whenever I arrive at your site, my heart gives a little sigh of happiness and delight wrapped up in peace. Your words are such an inspiration. Wishing you a wondrous week 🙂 Looking forward to reading your week 17 blog. Yours in Gratitude, Light & Love wendyht



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