Week 15 ~ Point of No Return


Week 15 and I’m still here!

Time sure does fly.

I’m daily writing on my index card a statement of a positive thing that happened that day.  Size does not matter!  Also adding (25+) more achievements on my flash cards, adding shapes to them (randomly)

3 new things added to my Gratitude Cards.  Shuffling them and flashing thru them throughout the day.

My readings, my Sit, touching and spending time with my “Movie Board”, Reading Scroll IV.

Trying to memorize the 7 Laws of the Mind.

And this week adding my Makeover Spreadsheet….

I’m a wee bit overwhelmed, at this moment, but I plan to trudge thru and Get ur Done!

To be honest, I admit to several times, lately of wanting to just give it up….  I’m overwhelmed a lot lately,  and it would be easier to just stop.  But that’s what Quitters do!  I have never been a Quitter!  Well that’s not totally true.  I do know when to finally walk away, but not when I see a bright light at the end of the trek.

I Will Never Give up on Myself!







Always with much Aloha



12 thoughts on “Week 15 ~ Point of No Return

  1. MKMMAwendyht

    Aloha Sherry, Mahalo for your honesty and transparency. I was thrilled to see your “I will never give up on myself” box filled with pink roses!!! Sending you lots of Gratitude, Light, Love & Support wendyht

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  2. mommamccracken

    Oh my goodness I am just starting to feel your are such a big part of my alliance, and you can’t possibly give up, you are past the point of no return LOL But in all seriousness, it does seem overwhelming – especially since I am taking go90grow and trying to get my business going with the effort Mark suggests and yesterday, despite my journey to health helping my migraines so much, I couldn’t seem to get one stopped yesterday – but still grateful they aren’t as bad as they use to be. Anyway, we have so much to be grateful for and I am grateful you are still getting ur done! I will mark you as a dot on my courage chart!!

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    1. Master Key Sherry Post author

      Thank you so much Connie for all your kindness and support. I would never think of quitting. It’s been a good journey and I’m learning so much about myself (and others). And thanks for “the Dot!” You get one too for Courage as well!



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