Week 12 ~ Persistence is a Habit of Heroes

Aloha Ya’ll Happy Holidays!

I have just experienced one of the calmest, Stress free weeks I have lived in a long time!   What was the difference in this week as opposed to past weeks?,  Not totally sure… I’ve been doing a lot less being out and about.  I’ve been home relaxing.  Not a whole lot on my planner.  This is the first year that I can remember, I haven’t charged on my C.C. to buy gifts that I can’t afford.  Probably why I stayed home all week… LOL!

I’ve been doing bit of thinking about the minuscule obstacles in life, that usually make me crazy at this time of the year, and have come to the conclusion, WTH!   “Bear Hugs Kettle?”   Why should I care about these things? Why would I even give them energy?   If I died today, were they really even important to what was on my journey to my Dreams?  No!  The only real problem was, my reaction to them!  My success in quieting them has been surreal!Persistencw a river cuts through rocks

“I Will Persist until I Succeed.”

I’ve already, (several weeks ago) made peace with anyone who did me/or I did, wrong.  I’m doing better at re-directing my thoughts to more productive thoughts.  I choose to resist the temptation to dwell on the storms, and think more about the results of the progression. Persist



When I do spend a bit too much time on the unnecessary moments of despair, I try to quickly reel myself back to the Now,.. take a deep cleansing breath, and remember my ultimate destination.

Persistence really is the key.

“I will recognize that each day I am tested by life in like manner. If I persist, if I continue to try, if I continue to charge forward, I will succeed”


I’m reading my DMP a lot, trying to activate all 5 senses. I find “smell” has an extremely accute reaction for me.  I have yet to complete the 7 day mental diet, without fail, but, “I Will Persist until I Succeed.”    I’m learning how to be a better operator of the mechanism.  Yes, my brain is getting a well deserved work out!

“Law of Giving”  I’ve never had a problem with giving,  with Love… I love to give, often more than I have, so I’m not real sure on how to improve this, except to give more. My Guide has helped me to see where that is possible.  Mahalo Lorelei🌺💕mother-teresa

I have loved writing my accomplishments on 30+ index cards.  I forgot so many of the things I have done!  Wow, I done good!!

I can Be What i Will to Be!

Happy Everything to You!

Mel Kalikimaka

Always with much Aloha🌺



12 thoughts on “Week 12 ~ Persistence is a Habit of Heroes

  1. MKMMAwendyht

    Aloha Sherry! I do love to read your blogs and view your beautiful photos and great quotes. Mahalo for the Mother Teresa quote – it spoke directly to my heart. I can hardly wait for your next blog ;-)) Yours in Gratitude, Light, Love & Support wendyht


  2. ckeeth

    Isn’t it wonderful when you can see your progress? I hope your holiday continues on this new and good trajectory you have started.

    Love, Joy, Kindness, Abundance,

    Liked by 1 person


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