Week 8 My Wake Up Call

This last couple weeks, I’ve been throwing things at my Subby from so many different angles.  Seems for too long, I’ve been asleep at the wheel! Asleep at the wheel  Steering blindly thru my days.  So I’ve not made it thru the 7 day Mental Diet….Haven’t really come close yet…  Made it thru a day or two, but Bam! my old Blueprint keeps showing up to say “Hey!”

Had a spot of Chai Tea with my Guide, yesterday, sharing with her the progress I was making, and out of no-where;  Crap spilled outta my mouth over an old Un-important event..  I’m still holding negative feelings over something that I shouldn’t give one second of my life to!  Nothing would make me happier than to put this to rest,  I mean completely freakin bury it!RIP to the Old Me

My old Blueprint is  Relentless!  I’d like to bury it right now too!  “Stimulus Response” hard at work!   I know it’s all My Choice.  I know I have the power (key) to release the “Kraken”, or Slay it!  This is such a long overdue project for me, but I am a Warrior, and this just happens to be one of the BIG Boogeymen, I will take down.

The addiction to “Feeling Mad” is useless and only a Stimulus to trigger response!  A Response I no longer wish  to entertain. Break the addiction, by creating a new, purposeful, productive Habit!  So moving on to all the “little things that make things happen”~John Wooden.  Since I’m seeking Peace of Mind, I know it’s a steady progress, and I cannot expect it to happen overnight.   Breaking the addictions…..it’s harder than I thought!  The chains of Bondage are huge!  But knowing they are addictions, Helps me to see I need to replace them with new ones.   Visualization.  “I Can Be What I Will To Be!”I Can Be what I Will To Be  When My Car broke down this week, I knew that this was going to be a time of the day, that I had to wait.  So while I waited, I sat and thought about some of the other things going on in my life, things that needed to get done,  I made another Service card, and repeated outloud, “Do It Now” 25X’s .  when I got my tow to the garage, I was in a productive sort of mood.  Even though I wouldn’t have asked for the break down, it gave me an opportunity to take pause and plan other things that weren’t already on my planner, and now they are done!  So there was my “Fork in the Road” this week, and I took the high road!!  I was consciously managing myself (my time) making the value of my minutes, more valuable😉   Compass and planner

I Love when Mark J. said; “Run to Your Life, Not From It!!”

Live It!!  Be It!!
old self New Self

Now I’m off to make Peace with my Old Self, and grow even closer to my New Self




Always with much Aloha 🌺💕


7 thoughts on “Week 8 My Wake Up Call

  1. masterkeycskjerpen

    Although we get that old blueprint showing it face sometimes we also need to see the new blueprint and celebrate the achievement it is making and show it love and thank it for growing each and every day. Sometimes we validate the old blueprint. Which we want gone. Only validate the new blueprint. Pay no attention to the old blueprint and it will fade away.

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