Week 7 Living by the Compass, not the Clock

I intend to live by the Compass not the Clock!

Crazy week!  Wicked Crazy week!!                                                                                                                      

I don’t know what had me thinking this week was going to be free of Stress or worry,  but News Flash….Not!      Two Dr. visits, 1 Hospital visit, and if that wasn’t enough to throw me off my Plans,  I fried my Mac Hard Drive!  Who fries their HD by upgrading to El Capitan OS?  But… What I’m most proud of;  I remained calm, and never even dropped the F-Bomb!  

Yes, I talk real bad when I’m not a happy girl,😔(working on that)

Good news, I’m feeling much better, and I had an Extended Warranty on my MacBook!   I’m thinking these New Thoughts coming at me from different angles has got me thinking a wee bit before I start talking like a truck driver!  (no offense)

So now I’m spending a big bunch of time, trying to locate all that I lost on my hard drive.  Oh, I forgot to mention, I had never back up anything on this laptop in the year I’ve had it… I know! No-Drama-WLS-Forum

I introduced the newer version of me to my Momma this week during my Sit, it went well until I got too misty to keep my composer, so I sat a good 15-20 min in silence.  I will get back to our meeting again this week.

This has been a week of learning about my Brain.  I keep hearing Mark J. say “Never do anything,  unless you know why you’re doing it”  That was a great Mantra for me. I haven’t made my recording of my voice w/ music yet, so now that I have my computer back, It’s on my list.  I feel like I’m so behind!  Catching up will be my challenge to conquer this weekend.

Now this 7 day Mental Diet!  Working on eliminating negative thoughts.   Talk about learning who, what, how you are!   The No Opinions weeks was “tough” (for me)  like I said before; I’m full of them!  Working on this 7 day Mental Diet is a bigger version of “tough”  But you know,  I’m really enjoying, being more aware of my thoughts, words, and attitude!  I have started over so many times, I lost count, but “chip,chip,chip”  more gold showing thru will be much more Ladylike. 

I’ve also been purging all resentments towards others….I’ve literally asked for forgiveness, and stated I forgive any who have treated me with anything less than kindness.  I have done pretty good at this with only a couple exceptions,  These, I am choosing to forgive myself, (for now,) for not being ready yet.  The degree of difficulty isn’t my fault….it’s in my genes!  (working on that too)

 I keep hearing all these mantras, in my head;

Awareness is the beginning of Change…right?  images

Create New Peptides!

PPPPP; Persistent Practice Produces Perfect Presentations

Mastering the Law of Substitution.

Winning is a Habit ~ unfortunately so is losing!

I intend to live by the Compass not the Clock!


I’m learning the choice to Act, or React.  Every choice has a consequence!   Growing from my mistakes.  I’m wiser than I was yesterday.  I’m learning to Love myself, and it’s been very gratifying.  I’ve always been a “Giver”  but I’m stretching to give more.  My greatest desire is to live my life with passion, free of fear, hate and judgment.  I Know how Blessed I am, No matter how “Tough” I feel things are, there are so many with so much less.

The Master key Mastermind Experience has been so humbling, and at times I feel a bit bruised, but “Warriors” aren’t Wimps!

I’m greeting each day with love in my Heart ❤️

Always with much Aloha🌺💕




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