Week 6 Transformation is the Journey that I’m on



Its Week 6 with The Master Key Mastermind Alliance, and I’m experiencing things, I really wasn’t ready for this week.  Probably a wee bit to do with all that I’m discovering on my Hero’s Journey, but likely, things that just needed to rear it’s (ugly) head….  It’s all good, but I didn’t see it coming.

I’m only bringing this up, because of my “Reaction” to the incident!  I handled it!  I didn’t grab my keys and run!…  Well yes, I did, …BUT after realizing “I” was in control,  I came back, and handled it!  Big Girl Panties On….I handled it! Go freakin’ figure!  It’s always been a Fight or Flight kinda world for me.  I’ve never been much of a sit down and talk about it girl.  I’ve had my fists up and ready to slug it out…( with my words) anytime, all day long.   To make this a long story short,  Knowing that I had all the control I needed to resolve something, was Magnificent!!

I’m chipping!  I’m chipping!  If you look very close, you can see a glimmer of Gold!!

“I will greet this day with Love in my Heart”…..

I must share my forever Favorite line from Scroll 1 “As the words of these Scrolls are consumed by my mysterious mind, I begin to awake, each morning, with a vitality I have never known before”


Don’t forget to Love Yourself!

Always with much Aloha🌺💕


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