Week 5 “Behind My Smile”

animal-smiles17Beginning Week 5 with Master Key Experience, and I’m having one AH Ha moment after another!  My Definite Major Purpose (DMP) has been almost completely re-written since my first draft on 9-28-2015.

When I wrote my first DMP,  I wasn’t a bit aware of what my Bliss would look like. But now,  in 4 weeks,  I have realized mostly, what I DON”T want, and am moving closer to what I want to have in the second 1/2 of my life.

Sure! Experience tells us what we don’t want, but sometimes we think we want something, madly! And with the repetition of reading the actual words daily, You can get a much better picture of, “Is that what I truly want?!

I have also learned to be acutely specific!  I mean, You get what you ask for, Right?!  But what about the Where? The When?  And Who? The Color? The Feelings?  I know that my “Subby”  hears the words, All Of Them!  So I need to be precise! Every Detail! d37c186c39f03f474e8e82465c6103f4.

smileI giggle because, my Guide has helped me to understand this crucial piece of the lesson.  I may get what I ask for, but is it exactly what I want?  Is it what I want my Dharma to entail…  is it what will be behind my smile.

Now I have written a Future Press Release Interview, here on my Blog, about my journey to making my dreams a Reality.  Again, Details, Details, Details!  “Subby” is always listening to every word you say!

Into week 5 it seems like, to me, things are getting harder!  Oops!! No Opinions! None! Nada! Zip!   Opinions…Sometimes I’m full of them!  Talk about a Challenge!images

OK, so now, I begin a New day, with a New Life!  and that’s so Cool!  Another day to smile from ear to ear, because I’m learning to live it to the fullest!

Each layer I peel away, and a Fresh, New,  Untouched layer is there!  With new Good Habits, and a perfect perspective on what will be.

I Will Be What I Will To Be!

I wish I could Hang Out for a day with all my fellow MKMMA Students and Alumni, The stories that would be shared, about what is behind their Smiles!


 To Quote one of my Favorite Rock groups;

“So often times it happens, that we live our lives in chains, and we never even know we have the Key”   The Eagles

Always with much Aloha🌺💕


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