Week 4 Producing My Life Movie

Week 4

I’m into my Fourth week, and learning to form new productive habits, With Master Key Mastermind Alliance!!   Sometimes letting go of things we have been attached to for too many years to count, is hard,… sometimes sad.  But today I shed my old skin!

Today I’m learning to communicate to my Sub-conscience (Subby), with Love & Kindness.  With positive thoughts that it hasn’t heard much in a very long time.  I found out, my Subby likes to work for me!  Therefore, I’m improving my motivation, I’m sleeping better, and I’m canceling negative thoughts faster than I can create them!

After Sunday’s Webinar, I knew I was in it to win it!

I’m creating a happier home environment, and asking for things I never dreamt possible.  Now I know the Possibilities are only limited by my thoughts.

I’m forming new and improved Habits and I’m becoming their Slave.  I’m visualizing the future, and it’s so vivid and Bright, I can even feel the warmth!! And it feels Magnificent!!

Self Talk is becoming Kinder, because my Subby believes what it is told.

Oh sure, there are moments where I say; I’ll do (something) tomorrow…But then I remember My Promise to myself, and I ALWAYS KEEP MY PROMISES!!  I’m always happier to see my accomplishments!

I’m in Control!  (and it feels powerful!)

I’m making better Choices!  (and it feels Good!)

I have the Freedom to attract more than I ever imagined!  (and that makes me Smile!)

I’m learning how to be the Producer of “My Life Movie!”   I’m also the Director, the Actor, and the Observer!!

SPOIL ALERT!!   It has a Great Ending!!!!

Share Your Smile Today!!

Always with much Aloha🌺💕Law of attrction



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