Week 3 Law of Duel Thought

Short post this week, Why?   I’m doing so much to keep the negativity at bay.  change-negative-thoughts

It’s been a less than desirable week,  BUT I’M STILL HERE!

I have so much to be amazed with in my life, so why should I ever complain?

I shouldn’t!

So I won’t!

No one else does…..right?

I’ve been doing a boatload of thinking about, the “Law of Duel Thought”   (Worry & Stress) ~or ~(Faith & Joy).   I know which one I’m going to connect to this next week!

I’m doing well on all of my required reads, writings, and sits.

To quote Mark J.  “Repetition can never be Overstated!”

I’m really enjoying the process!

it’s onward and upward!

I always keep my promises!

As always with much Aloha




7 thoughts on “Week 3 Law of Duel Thought

  1. Kelvin

    What we resist… persists, I’m told. Instead of resisting the negativity… just side step and let it pass by, then look beyond it and latch on to the positive perspective you want to manifest. The Law of Dual thought says we can attach any feeling we want to any thought. Breathe, relax, let it pass. You can do it. I have faith.

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  2. andrewfenwickmasterkeyjourney

    You have explored a key point and the number of words to do it just perfect. Choice is our power at every step and choosing to be a courageous hero by undertaking the transformation of the world within is a journey many barely start before shrinking away. You are doing a great job of it. Owning this choice is a ticket to success!!

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