Week 1 ReBirth” Master Key

This week I started a Journey, suggested to me, by a fellow Goddess and Friend Lorelei.  She is so passionate about it, and was sure I would benefit greatly from it.  It isn’t something you can buy! It’s received only thru Scholarships, Paid forward from the previous year’s Students!  How freakin cool is that!!

One of the reasons I decided to give The Master Keys a go was,  It isn’t another “Self Help” promise, where someone else is telling me what to say,  to think, and the words to use, to fix me.  No…It requires Me to learn to change the way I think about myself, and the WORDS I use to know it’s True!

I’m used to being a Hard, Untouchable person when things aren’t going smooth.  Unfortunately things (Life) can be Bumpy… a lot!

With my history of 3 marriages, (my Current one is Amazing!) I don’t trust people very easily, and when things are going well, then I’m always waiting for the other shoe to drop!

Hence, I’m pretty sure I need to learn to believe; I deserve wonderful things!

I’m a fighter, and a Loyal Friend, but I’ve convinced myself, I’m perfectly happy being alone too.  This is obviously a pretty common protective device I’ve placed to not get hurt or deal with others opinions about me.

Wow!  See why I’m here, with the intention of learning how to talk to myself with Love, Kindness & Trust!

So, part of the Master Keys process, is to Read, Write, Blog, Sit (quietly), and Reflect.  Some of these things are going to be an extreme challenge for me. I don’t sit still very well, and I’m not the most proficient in the digital world.

But, I Will Be!!

I am probably one of the most UN Organized people, you will ever meet, But I crave Organization… To be Organized!!

And I will Be!!

I’ve completed my DMP, and anxiously waiting to meet my Guide.  I like writing , so this blog is going to be great FuN, once I find my WORDS.  So far I think I’m on track with the videos, reading and assignments.  I’m very excited to be on this journey to UN-mix, my mixed feelings about so many things, and learn to get out of my own way, to move forward in this Magnificent journey called Life!

Mahalo, and always with much Aloha🌺💕



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